Rtvsrece has gathered images from soldiers of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in an effort to show the myriad faces of their experiences.

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Air Force Reserve Maj. Brad Davis displaying a sweltering temperature of 126-degrees Fahrenheit in the shade at the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar in 2010. (Photo from Maj. Brad Davis)

During a two-week mission in Dulab, Iraq, thousands of pounds of unused explosives were found and destroyed by combat engineers. The engineers took the explosives and bunched them together, then placed C-4 explosives on the rounds. The possible improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were detonated at a safe distance. (Courtesy photo)

Air Force Reserve Maj. Brad Davis leads a prayer for security forces before they depart on a mission in Bagram, Afghanistan. (Photo from Maj. Brad Davis)

Air Force Reserve Maj. Brad Davis, a chaplain, offering words of comfort to a soldier who was being treated for a bullet wound to the neck in the emergency room at the Bagram airfield in Afghanistan in 2008. (Photo from Maj. Brad Davis)

Soldiers patrolling the palm groves along the Euphrates river in Iraq. Insurgents used the palm groves to conceal themselves when firing mortars and rockets at coalition forces. (Courtesy photo)

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