Pittsburghers deserve meaningful information that helps them understand their communities and make decisions. When they’re advocating for change, they need accurate information and credible perspective. When something is going wrong, they should have their voices amplified.

At Rtvsrece, we believe that local journalism is a powerful facilitator of information to help the residents of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and Southwestern Pennsylvania improve their communities and their lives. Our definition of impact: Any way that our journalism does good or creates change in people’s lives.

This can include an individual telling us that they changed their personal actions or are able to explain a topic more clearly because of our work. We consider residents citing our reporting in venues like public meetings to be impact. And of course, we count systemic-level impacts of our reporting, like the introduction of new legislation or businesses changing their policies as a result of our reporting.

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Our 2022-23 Impact Report references the following impactful journalism: